What is Atticc Labs?

Atticc Labs focuses on building SocialFi protocols and applications.

Atticc's name is inspired by Attic Nights, an ancient Roman commonplace book by Aulus Gellius (c. 125 – after 180 AD) that preserved the stories of many authors who would otherwise have faded into obscurity. The additional "C" at the end symbolizes both "Crypto" and "Community."

The purpose of Atticc Labs

Atticc Labs maximizes for two things:

  1. Fun - creating fun social experiences only possible with crypto.

  2. Financialization - empower creators and individuals through the financialization of social assets.

There are currently two things missing at the intersection of crypto and social.

  1. Our industry’s overfocus on the infrastructure layer. Atticc Labs believes the infrastructure layer is mature enough to support breakthrough applications that bring crypto native social to the masses. What’s lacking is fun novel social experiences on the blockchain as well as builders and capital who focus on building the application layer responsible for touching the lives of end users. Atticc Labs will fill this void.

  2. Financialization of social assets. Crypto is first and foremost a financial innovation. Social assets are the fastest growing asset class of our time, given birth by an internet native generation. Crypto is extremely good at the issuance, pricing and trading of internet native assets (look no further than meme coins, NFTs and distributed networks). Online social influence and content as an asset class, has never been financialized before. This lack of financialization led to the limited source of income and limited financial freedom for the vast majority of creators. Atticc Labs will empower creators and individuals through the financialization of social assets.

Who is building Atticc Labs?

Atticc was co-founded by Jason, Chelsea and Rico in July 2022.

We were a little crazy to bootstrap a new crypto project during the depths of the bear market. Since our inception, Three Arrows has liquidated, Luna has collapsed and FTX has imploded.

However, we chose to remain undeterred by the FUD and kept building. With each achievement slightly bigger than the last, we have now emerged as one of the foremost Web3 social projects in terms of number of users, onchain interactions and gas fee burned.

Throughout this journey, we have witnessed numerous projects falter and give up. What set us apart in weathering the trials of a challenging market? It's our unwavering passion for what we do. We believe in a decentralized future built with blockchain technologies. We see our efforts as having a small yet pivotal role in paving the way for a better financial future for the world of online social.

We have a team of talented developers, designers, researchers and data scientists who are experts in their respective fields. Together we bring experiences from the world's leading organizations including PwC, EY, BCG, Macquarie Group, Nasdaq, ASX, Canva, Immutable, Huobi, University of Sydney and more.

Embark on this exciting and ambitious journey with us! Your support is the wind beneath our wings.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I β€”

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

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