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Important Disclaimer

Important disclaimer regarding Atti NFT and $ATT token.
Atticc, its team, and associated entities want to emphasize that the $ATT token and the Atti NFT collection are not intended to be treated as securities, financial instruments, or investment vehicles. The value of $ATT token may be volatile and can fluctuate significantly. It's important to note that the purchase, ownership, and use of $ATT token should not be construed as an investment or financial activity.
The Atti NFT collection and $ATT token are designed to provide utility within the Atticc ecosystem, enabling participation in the governance of the platform and granting access to various features. The Atti NFT collection and $ATT token are not representations of ownership in the traditional sense and should not be considered as an investment for profit. Atticc does not provide any guarantees or promises regarding the future value or price of $ATT token.
Any decisions to acquire, trade, or hold $ATT token should be made based on your understanding of the project, its goals, and the use cases for $ATT token within the Atticc ecosystem. We recommend conducting thorough research and seeking independent advice if you are unsure about the legal, financial, or regulatory implications of acquiring or using $ATT token. Atticc does not assume responsibility for any losses, gains, or decisions related to the trading or holding of $ATT token.