User Identity

Connect Wallet

Sign-in on Atticc is by connecting your wallet via MetaMask or WalletConnect. Currently Atticc only supports Ethereum mainnet. We plan to integrate more blockchains in the future.

Decentralized Social Graph

On Atticc, you own your identity. Atticc uses CyberConnect as the underlying decentralized social graph protocol. All your social relationships on Atticc also exist on any other apps built with CyberConnect and vice verse.


  • Atticc recommends using ENS as your username, so that your identity is decentralized and interoperable. All users on Atticc with '.eth' at the end of their username are using ENS.

  • Alternatively you can create a username of your choice. However '.' is not an allowed character, differentiating users who are using ENS from the rest.

  • If neither is selected, your wallet address will be the default username.

Profile Picture

  • You can select an NFT as your profile picture, which will turn your icon into a hexagon.

  • Alternative you can select a picture of your choice, and get a default round icon.

  • If neither is selected, your default icon will show the last 4 digits of your wallet address.

Your Twitter link is verified using CyberConnect's Social Verifier SDK. Verifying it on Atticc is the same as verifying it on your CyberConnect profile. If you change your Twitter handle you will need to re-verify it.

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