Board Settings

Only the board organizer and moderators can update settings.

Who is the board organizer?

The board organizer is the wallet address that deployed the NFT contract on-chain.

Who are board moderators?

Board moderators are designated by the board organizer. They have the same powers as the board organizer except for adding and removing other moderators.

What settings can be updated?

Board Profile Picture

By default, we use Opensea API to get the NFT collection's profile picture from Opensea. However this is not always possible for example when an NFT collection has not been set up on Opensea.

The profile picture can be manually updated by uploading an image.

Board Name

By default, we use the NFT collection name from the smart contract as board name.

The board name can be manually updated, however the NFT name cannot be updated.


A description about the board.


Rules that board members need to follow as a condition of joining the board. The board organizer and moderators have discretion over removing users' content from the board if rules are not followed.

The board's related links such as Twitter and website.

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