Early Adopter Pass NFT

A mechanism for Atticc to recognise early supporters. Holders have Private Beta access to Atticc and other benefits including raffles, WLs and future token airdrop.

How to get the pass?

Method 1 - Free Mint

Holders of NFTs from Atticc early partner communities are whitelisted for free mint. Max 1 free mint per wallet. Additional mints are 0.03ETH each.

Method 2 - 0.03ETH Mint

The general public can mint for 0.03ETH each.

How to get my community whitelisted for free mint?

Become an Atticc early partner community, currently include:

Update: 5555 passes have been fully minted

Over 5 thousand people participated in Atticc's Private Beta by minting an Early Adopter Pass. 5258 passes were minted for free and 297 passes were minted for 0.03ETH each.
With 4911 unique holders as at 6th March 2023, Atticc Early Adopter Pass is one of the NFT collections with the most minters and holders to date.