Making an Offer

Making NFT deals on Atticc is super simple and low cost.

  1. While browsing the NFT collection of another user, you can make an offer by clicking 'Deal' over the NFT you would like to purchase.

  2. Select any ERC20 token, ERC721 NFT or ERC1155 NFT to trade with the other user.

  3. Click 'NEXT' and confirm trading details.

  4. Click 'APPROVE TOKEN' to approve the token you would like to trade with. Note that trading in ETH will be done via WETH, which requires approving the WETH token.

  5. Click 'SEND OFFER' to initiate the trading request. Your offer will show up under the TRADES tab in both you and your counterparty's profile page.

  6. You can cancel the offer by opening the offer from the TRADES tab in your profile, and clicking 'CANCEL OFFER'. Alternatively each offer is set to automatically expire after 7 days if there is no action from your counterparty. Canceling an offer will incur a gas fee, and automatically expired offers will not incur any gas fee.

  7. Once your counterparty accepts your offer, or if an offer expires, the offer status will be updated accordingly.

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