Advanced Settings

Limit Number Per Wallet

This is the maximum number of NFTs that can be minted by each wallet address. We recommend setting a lower limit to avoid minting by bots and have a wider holder distribution. If you plan to mint all NFTs yourself and distribute them manually later then do not set a limit.

Restricted Access

You can choose a code to restrict access to minting. If a code is used, users will need to supply this code in order to mint. Only share the code with people you intend to be able to mint. You can update this code later if unwanted access occurs. However you will not be able to recover NFTs already minted by people with unwanted access.

Royalty Percentage

This is the royalty you will receive from each sale after minting. Note that the payment of royalty is not enforceable on-chain and is honoured by each marketplace. For example Sudoswap does not pay any royalty even if you set a royalty percentage above zero.

Allow Member to Transfer

By default holders of the NFT will be able to freely transfer and sell the NFT. If turned off, the NFT will be soulbound after minting, and holders will not be able to transfer or sell the NFT.

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