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Early Adopter Airdrop

An introduction to the token allocation for early adopters.


Atticc's Private Beta, from November 2022 to February 2023, saw over 5,000 early adopters participate, with 5,258 passes minted for free by people from whitelisted partner communities.
Despite starting with 0 Twitter followers, 0 community members, and a $0 marketing budget just a few months ago, we now have over 23k Twitter followers, 1.4k Telegram members, and 4.9k Early Adopter Pass holders, all thanks to the support and trust of our community.
We were able to grow completely organically during the bear market and now we can confidently say that Atticc is a project of the community, by the community, for the community. We've been providing valuable rewards and opportunities to our early adopters and are excited to introduce our biggest reward yet, the $ATT airdrop.

Early Adopter Token Allocation

$ATT is the native governance and utility token of Atticc, with a total supply of 1 billion. 78% of the tokens are allocated to the community, and the remaining 22% are allocated to Atticc's founding team, advisors, and angel investors.
Of the tokens allocated to the community, 2% (equivalent to 20 million ATT tokens) are reserved exclusively for early adopters who hold the Atticc Early Adopter Pass. This reward is separate from other token emission mechanisms such as liquidity incentives and application usage incentives. It is our way of showing appreciation for the trust and support of our early adopters.

How to Earn the Airdrop

As an Atticc Early Adopter Pass holder, you can earn $ATT by staking your passes. Simply head to the Airdrop page on, where you can stake or unstake one or multiple passes at once. When you stake your pass, it becomes an Atticc Guardian NFT, which is soulbound (non-transferrable) and burned when you unstake your pass.
The Atticc Guardian NFT signifies your commitment to Atticc, and grants you $ATT earning power as well as exclusive rights to future raffles and whitelist opportunities. Your personal dashboard on displays how much $ATT you have earned and will be able to claim once claiming is activated. Our process is completely transparent and fair for all Early Adopter Pass holders, so you'll always know exactly how much $ATT airdrop you will be able to claim.


Hourly Emission

The 2% of total $ATT is emitted hourly over 365 days. The maximum possible hourly emission is calculated as
Emission starts when 5% of passes are staked, and reaches maximum at 70% staked. The more passes staked, the more $ATT emission is unlocked following the table below.
% Passes Staked
% Emission Power
Passes Staked
$ Emission
5% - 9.99%
10% - 19.99%
20% - 29.99%
30% - 39.99%
40% - 49.99%
50% - 59.99%
60% - 69.99%
70% - 100%

Individual Hourly Earning

Your hourly earning is determined by how many passes you have staked, and how many passes are staked in total. The more passes you stake, the more $ATT you will earn.
Your hourly earning is calculated as
HourlyEmissionYourPassesStakedTotalPassesStakedHourlyEmission * {Your Passes Staked \over Total Passes Staked}

Early Adopter Airdrop Claiming

Your personal dashboard on the Airdrop page displays the amount of $ATT you have earned through staking your Early Adopter Passes. Claiming of $ATT will be available at a later stage as we work on developing various utilities for $ATT. As an early adopter, you will once again be the first to experience these new features and have the opportunity to become the first liquidity providers.