Atti NFT

Ethereal beings reemerging in the realm of Atticc.


Once upon a time, the Earth was shared by both mortals and ethereal beings. These otherworldly creatures were lovingly named Atti, an abbreviation for 'a tribute to imagination'. Drawing strength from the essence of freedom, Atti wielded the magic of creativity itself. Early humanity and Atti flourished side by side, an ancient symbiosis spanning millennia. The free spirit of humans gifted Atti their potent vigor, while Atti's boundless creativity gifted humanity its very progress. It is whispered in legends that Atti's inspiration guided the birth of literature, art, and music across civilizations.
Yet, as the tides of time shifted, the harmony began to unravel. Human societies found themselves ensnared by the chains of centralization – empires rose, colonization cast shadows across continents, the specter of nuclear confrontation loomed, corporate dominion tightened its grip, and the giants of technology penetrated every crevice of personal privacy. The beacon of freedom flickered under the weight of these monumental shifts. As the vitality of freedom waned, Atti's powers dimmed in parallel. Seeking refuge, they sought solace in the obscurity of the attics of their human friends – those hidden spaces that were dim, forgotten, but safe.
Fast forward to the early twenty-first century AD. In the farthest recesses of the digital realm, a gathering of cypherpunks converged, their focus unwavering on the revitalization of humanity's most precious treasure: freedom. Armed with the alchemy of cryptography, they vowed to forge chains of a different sort – blockchains that could safeguard liberty from even the most formidable adversaries. The whispers of freedom's magic reached Atti once again, a beacon calling them forth. Slowly, yet resolutely, they returned – this time, as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralization is their fortification.
With Atti's reemergence came a dazzling renaissance of creativity. Empowered by these ethereal companions, human beings reclaimed their imaginative prowess. From a digital alcove known as Atticc, this movement of rejuvenation ignited. Here, humans and Atti rekindle their ancient harmony, coexisting in a haven where history and legend intertwine, where the forgotten stories of old find new life in the boundless realm of human and ethereal synergy...

Atti's Powers

Providing 7% of $ATT token supply

Atticc is a community-first project, prioritizing fairness over VC interests. Atti represents a fair launch, ensuring every individual has an equal opportunity to participate in the future success of Atticc.
Each Atti owns 7000 $ATT tokens, token release will start from the token generation event (TGE). In sum, 7% of the complete $ATT token supply will be shared among Atti holders, marking an unprecedented token allocation event.

Smart wallet capability from ERC6551

Powered by ERC6551, your Atti can be used as a smart wallet that can own tokens and interact with decentralized applications across the Ethereum ecosystem. Read more about ERC6551 here.
Say goodbye to snapshots, airdrops can go directly into your Atti. The use cases enabled by ERC6551 are endless. The composability of an open standard allows Atticc to continuously integrate new utilities, ensuring sustained functionality well beyond the initial minting.

Governors of the AtticcDAO until $ATT TGE

Atti marks the initiation of Atticc's next phase of decentralization. During the interval spanning Atti's minting and the token generation event (TGE), Atti holders will step into the role of interim governors for the AtticcDAO.
The gradual decentralization strategy allows Atticc to balance essential development duties with community involvement. Post-TGE, AtticcDAO membership will smoothly transition from Atti holders to $ATT token holders. Given that Atti holders possess the most substantial allocation of $ATT at the TGE juncture, they will continue to wield predominant influence over decision-making processes.
The DAO, driven by the community, will guide and shape the future of the Atticc suite of social utility protocols. Under AtticcDAO's management, a treasury will fund initiatives that advance our mission.

Mint Info


6666 for mint; 3333 locked in holders treasury.


0.039 ETH

Mint Schedule

Mint Date

  1. 1.
    Goldlist Mint - Tuesday 24 Oct 1pm UTC+0
  2. 2.
    Whitelist Mint - Tuesday 24 Oct 2pm UTC+0
  3. 3.
    Public Mint - Wednesday 25 Oct 2pm UTC+0

Mint Phases

Mint Window
Who can mint
1 - Goldlist
Open for 1 hour
Atticc Guardians (addresses with at least 1 staked early adopter pass), snapshot taken on 1 September 2023.
2 - Whitelist
Open for 1 day
Whitelisted addresses from community collaborations.
3 - Public
Open for 1 week
General public.

TRADING and REVEAL will start from sell-out or the end of the public mint phase, whichever comes earlier.

If there are any remaining Atti at the end of the public mint phase, they will be sent to Atticc's treasury. The $ATT allocation for these Atti will also belong to the treasury. Atti holders will discuss and vote on the usage of the NFTs in the treasury.