Creating a Community

Each community on Atticc is based on an NFT contract, creating a community on Atticc is synonymous to launching a new NFT collection for minting.

Who can create a community?

Anyone who wants to create a fan club, social group, membership organisation or simply a special place for your friends can create a community on Atticc.
All you need is sufficient ETH to cover gas fee when launching an NFT collection for minting on Ethereum. We will integrate more blockchains in the future.

How to create a community?

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    Choose a Community NFT Name and NFT image. The Community NFT Name cannot be changed later so please choose carefully. The community's name will default to be the same as your Community NFT Name initially but can be updated later in Community Settings.
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    Complete required NFT information and Advanced Settings.
  4. 4.
    Review information completed. Once confirmed, click 'CREATE' to launch the NFT collection for minting on the blockchain. It may take a short while for the information to be loaded into a smart contract entirely owned by you. Your wallet will pop-up a request for you to confirm.
  5. 5.
    Once the smart contract is launched onchain you will be able to visit your community's page, from there you can access NFT minting details.

Are there any costs to create a community?

Gas Fee

Creating a community is free, however launching an NFT collection for minting is a transaction on-chain which will incur a gas fee.

Atticc Fee

Atticc charges 1% of minting revenue. For example if your minting price is 1ETH, Atticc will charge 0.01ETH and you will receive 0.99ETH from each mint.
If it's a free mint, Atticc will not charge anything.