What is Atticc?

Atticc is a Web3 social media built for NFT communities. We provide a place for decentralised identities to connect, build communities and conduct commerce.
Atticc got its name from Attic Nights, an ancient Roman commonplace book by Aulus Gellius (c. 125 – after 180 AD) that preserved the stories of many authors who would otherwise be unknown today. The extra C at the end stands for Community.
Just like how books were the social media of the ancient times, where authors communicated their thoughts with the world timelessly; Atticc is the social media of the Web3 era, capturing the stories told by decentralised identities and communities.
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Why Atticc?

Atticc creates an entirely new social experience, purpose-built for NFT communities.
  • On Atticc, you own your identity. Atticc is built with a decentralised social graph protocol called CyberConnect, you can bring all your social relationships with you to any other apps as long as they are built with the same decentralised social graph.
  • Atticc doesn't eavesdrop on your conversations. Wallet-to-wallet messaging on Atticc is built with XMTP, a secure and decentralised messaging protocol. All your messages are end-to-end encrypted and interoperable. You can continue the same conversations in any apps that are built with XMTP.
  • Atticc allows you to create your own Web3 community by launching an NFT collection for minting easily and for free. Atticc only charges 1% of minting revenue, if it's a free mint, Atticc doesn't charge anything.
  • For any NFTs you hold, you can activate your community on Atticc to instantly access a range of crypto native features and find a place for your Web3 frens.
  • For any NFT collections launched by your wallet address, you are the official organizer of your community. You can adjust the settings of your community, assign moderators, and access community organizer features.
  • Building a community on Atticc is easy and fun. We equip you with a range of crypto native tools. We give each community an AI moderator called Atticc AI. Atticc AI helps with engaging your community members. Atticc also provides data analytics insights related to your NFT collection, aiming to help community members connect with each other.
  • On Atticc, you own your monetisation. Atticc empowers you with peer-to-peer trading. You can tell the stories about your digital creations or collectibles and receive purchase offers directly on Atticc.

Who is building Atticc?

Atticc was co-founded by Jason, Chelsea and Rico in July 2022.
We are crypto and NFT enthusiasts. We believe in a decentralised future of Web3 built on blockchain technologies. We aim to build a social media that returns the ownership of identity, data and monetisation to users and communities themselves.
We also have a team of talented developers, designers, researchers and data scientists who are experts in their respective fields. Together we bring experiences from the world's leading organisations including PwC, EY, BCG, Macquarie Group, Nasdaq, ASX, Canva and more.
We are driven by the purpose of bringing a better Web3 social experience to the world. If you have any suggestions for us, please provide your feedback here. We love to hear from you!