Frequently Asked Questions

How decentralised is Atticc?
Atticc is highly, but not completely decentralised in order to provide a smooth user experience that is comparable to Web2 applications.
On Atticc, your identity is owned by you and decentralised, your relationships are on a decentralised social graph (CyberConnect). Images of NFTs launched on Atticc are saved in decentralised storage. Social media content such as text and images are currently saved on AWS. As decentralised storage solutions improve over time to provide a comparable user experience, we will migrate to decentralised solutions. Your monetisation opportunities on Atticc is also owned by you and decentralised. Currently we support P2P trading via the 0x protocol.
In terms of governance, we are carefully considering the best type of governance model for Atticc. Our initial thoughts are that certain policies and initiatives such as moderation policy will be done in a decentralised way, while operations will stay more centralised for the time being so that we can be nimble in a dynamic and competitive field.
What technologies are used on Atticc?
Our decentralised tech stack includes CyberConnect, XMTP, NFT.Storage and smart contracts for NFT minting and P2P trading via 0x protocol.
Is Atticc safe to use?
We take your security seriously.
Our peer-to-peer trading functionality is built on the 0x protocol, which is the same tried and tested underlying infrastructure used by Coinbase NFT, Sudoswap and a number of other marketplaces. It is safe and gas optimised.
Atticc doesn't hold your assets, transactions on Atticc are peer-to-peer, further reducing any smart contract risks.
However you should still take extra care when transacting on-chain and understand the messages you are signing in your wallet.